Joint Collector tasked with implementing sand policy

The State government has appointed Joint Collector – 1 (JC – 1) in all the districts as ex officio executive director of the Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC).

The official will focus on sand mining and logistics pertaining to sand in their respective districts.

The government has decided to pay ₹8,000 as honorarium per month for effective implementation of the sand policy, and the APMDC will bear the expenditure.

In a GO issued on Wednesday, the government asked the assistant directors of the Mines and Geology Department working in the districts to report to the official on sand related matters, apart from their regular duties.

The APMDC sought sanction additional manpower for the operation of sand reaches and stockyards at all the reaches.

Additional manpower

Referring to it, the government said separate orders on the sanction of additional manpower would be issued later.

After launching the new Sand Mining Policy-2019, the government had asked the APMDC to operate the sand reaches, besides entrusting it with the responsibility of de-casting patta lands and de-silting reservoirs to meet the demand for sand for construction activities.


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