Kerala serial murder case: one more in police custody

Shaju Zacharia, husband of Jolly Shaju who was the prime accused in the Koodathai serial murder case was taken into crime branch custody on Monday for more interrogation in the case. He was asked to report at the Crime Branch office at Payyoli in the morning.

Official sources said the man confessed his knowledge about the serial killing and the involvement of Jolly in murdering his first wife and child. He also told the police that he was afraid of Jolly and that he kept the secrets with him.

The man also revealed his love for Jolly who was earlier married to Roy, one of the six victims of the serial murders. It was Shaji who allegedly encouraged Jolly to execute the murder of his former wife and girl child to marry her.

Police sources said the investigation team would soon grill Shaju’s father who too was reportedly aware of the murder conspiracy. A local political party leader who allegedly helped Jolly to slow down local police investigation also would be interrogated, they said.


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