KSRTC seeks more time to relieve empanelled drivers

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) on Tuesday filed an affidavit before the Kerala High Court seeking three more weeks to implement its directive to relieve 1,565 empanelled drivers who are working beyond 180 days.

The court had directed the KSRTC to terminate the services of empanelled drivers before April 30 and fill the vacancies from the rank list prepared by the Public Service Commission.

According to the KSRTC’s affidavit, it was unable to appoint drivers on a regular basis or a temporary basis through the employment exchange because of financial stringency. Besides, it would take considerable time to make appointments. Moreover, the corporation could not conduct its services effectively as the service of empanelled drivers were utilised against leave vacancies.

In fact, for the effective operation of its buses, the services of empanelled drivers were required. If the empanelled drivers were relieved forthwith, it would cause irreparable hardship to commuters, the KSRTC said in its affidavit.

The KSRTC, therefore, sought more time to relieve the empanelled drivers.


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