Langur stuck on mobile tower in Odisha’s Berhampur rescued

Fire service personnel risked their lives to rescue a langur stuck on a 50-feet high cellphone tower in Berhampur on Tuesday.

According to ranger of the Berhampur forest range Raja Rao, the tail got stuck on the tower on Monday evening. Other langurs tried hard to rescue it in vain. Even some locals with the help of the staff of the cellphone company failed in their attempt as other langurs attacked them.

A team of fire personnel and forest officials reached the spot at 1.30 p.m. on Tuesday and rescued it. “Three firemen along with a forest department staff and one staffer of the cellphone company went up the high mobile tower despite the threat from the langurs. They managed to release it,” said assistant fire officer Sanatan Mohapatra. Power connection to the mobile tower had been discontinued during the rescue operation.

A net had been placed on the ground but it jumped away to join its group waiting nearby.


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