‘Let Collector check meaning of Ayyan’

It’s unfortunate that a devotee cannot utter the name of his favourite god, NDA candidate Suresh Gopi has said in response to the notice issued to him by the District Collector allegedly for violating the model code of conduct.

“I will give an explanation to the Collector,” he said, and added that he had not violated the model code. “Let the Collector check the meaning of the word ‘Ayyan’,” he said.

The notice issued by the Collector is unwarranted, BJP leader B. Gopalakrishnan has said. “Sabarimala is a campaign issue for the BJP. We will raise it even if the Election Commission or the Collector try to stop us.”

Meanwhile, Congress leader V.T. Balram mocked Mr. Gopi over his recent speech about the ₹15-lakh offer of Prime Minster Narendra Modi. Citing the controversy over the registration of Mr. Gopi’s luxury cars at Puducherry, Mr. Balram said the actor, however, did not wait for the Prime Minister’s offer and made ₹15 lakh through tax evasion.


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