Lok Sabha 2019: Mamata Banerjee’s TMC changes colours

Her determination to wipe out saffron from Bengal’s pollscape has prompted Mamata Banerjee to order a change of colour scheme in her party flag and logo. Instead of the tricolour as the background of the party flag, the Trinamool Congress will now have blue and white in the background and the grass flower symbol will be etched in black and white. Earlier, the flowers had tricolour petals. The party’s name Trinamool’ is in bold green, written in Bengali with just a speck of saffron in one corner. Three words in Bengaliamaar, apnar, Banglar (mine, your’s, Bengal’s)’are also printed on the flag. While everyone wondered about the sudden change in colour schemes, Mamata cleared all doubt by saying, I don’t like the BJP’s colour.

It is not suddenly that Mamata has developed a dislike for the saffron colour. With saffron being the preferred shade of the BJP and other Hindutva outfits, Mamata does not want her party to have anything to do with the colour. Often, she has been heard saying that the saffron donned by saints stands for sacrifice and should not be confused with the saffron that the Sangh Parivar sports. Earlier, the Left parties had said that the flags of the TMC and the BJP have the same colours to drive home their campaign of a Modi-Didi understanding. Now that Mamata has changed the colours of her party’s flag, the BJP has said that by removing the colours of the national flag, she is disrespecting the nation and the Hindus and appeasing the Muslims. It only proves that she is disrespectful towards the nation and the national flag, says BJP state president Dilip Ghosh.


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