Maize rate brings cheer to farmers

Farmers are in a jubilant mood with the maize crop fetching them more than the minimum support price of ₹1,760 per quintal and traders are coming to their doorsteps to weigh the produce on the spot and lift it immediately at their own risk.

Besides, they are receiving on-the-spot payment. If the crop is transported either to agriculture market yards or government purchase centres they do not get immediate payments and have to wait for at least 15 days. That apart, they have to transport it on their own, incurring transport and hamali costs. Though the yield per acre reduced this season due to the severe attack by kathera purugu (fall armyworms) the loss is made up with higher price compared to the MSP announced by the Centre.

According to the president, State Kisan Keth Congress, Sunketa Answesh Reddy, who sold the maize on Monday at ₹1,970 per quintal, last year he could get just ₹ 1,700 per quintal. The top-grade which is properly dried and with moisture rate within the prescribed level is fetching ₹ 2,050 and even more.

Mr. Reddy said under normal conditions per-acre yield is up to 25 quintals but this year it is 20 quintals and even below that. In the kharif, however, farmers planted the maize in a larger extent compared to last year.

E. Sivakumar, a farmer from Nagepur in Balkonda mandal, says that farmers are happy with the rate and are ready to plant it more also in the coming Yasangi. The maize is used largely as feed for poultry and cattle. Hence, it is exported to various places in the country.


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