Mamata admonishes police for action against Trinamool cadre

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has admonished the police and alleged that while they were taking prompt action against Trinamool Congress cadre, they tried to “balance” when it came to Opposition parties.

Addressing officials and public representatives at an administration meeting on Wednesday at Paschim Medinipur district, Ms. Banerjee warned the police that “TMC is not easy target”.

“I have noticed one thing, when anyone files FIR against our party boys, the police immediately takes action and arrests. And when the other party creates any mischief or law and order situation, the police does not even care. They think they are balancing. Balancing is not the duty of the police,” the Chief Minister said in an unprecedented public outburst.

During the meeting, she even rebuked individual police officers from Jhargram police district, saying she was receiving several complaints against them.

She said that the police “can catch and touch TMC. This is because the administration is under TMC and they (TMC cadre) will not disturb the administration. But the police should be mindful of their own boys (ghorer chele),” she said.

The Chief Minister referred to “inaction and harassment” of Trinamool cadre and directed police officers to work as per instructions of the Superintendent of Police.

The remarks generated strong reaction from the political parties in Opposition.

“A section of Trinamool leaders are complaining against another section of the party and thus police are acting against them. So far, Ms. Banerjee was able to manage that and now things have gone a little too far and therefore the outburst,” CPI(M) MLA and leader of Left Legislature Party Sujan Chakraborty said.

BJP leader Joyprakash Majumdar said it was “most unfortunate for Bengal that the Chief Minister has not been able to rise above the party”.

“She remains a Chief Minister of the Trinamool Congress and not the people of the State,” he said.


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