Mandya police undergo medical check-up

In a commendable and much-needed initiative, the Police Department has decided to ascertain the physical fitness / medical conditions of its personnel across the district.

There are at least 1,600 police personnel, between the rankings of constable and superintendent, serving across the district. And, of them around 30%, especially those nearing retirement age, are suspected to be facing health issues owing to stress and working overtime.

Health awareness

To improve their medical condition as well as to bring in health awareness, the department has decided to check their health in association with the SSNMC Super Speciality Hospital of Bengaluru.

The initiative commenced on Friday with D. Shivaprakash, SP, and Balarame Gowda, Additional SP, inaugurating the free health check-up and advisory camp. Mr. Shivaprakash appealed to the personnel to undergo checks regularly and to take care of their health.

The aim is to check the medical condition of at least 1,400 personnel. Of the total strength, 265 personnel had enrolled on the inaugural day, a senior police officer said.

Speaking to The Hindu later in the evening, the officer added: “The check-up will be continued on Saturday and for two days from May 9, 2019. At least 1,400 personnel will undergo various medical check-ups at the four-day camp.”


While three police personnel were facing cardiac related issues, a good number are diabetic. Many are facing high/low blood pressure. Several female staff are anaemic and facing other issues.

Such medical check-up camps will help personnel know the condition of their health. Hence, most of the staff are showing an interest to attend the test, the officer said.

Apart from the regular medical check-up, ECG, ECHO and other tests are also being conducted.


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