Mizo boy wins Internet with kindness

A six-year-old boy in Mizoram has won the Internet after his photo with a dead chick in one hand and ₹10 in the other was posted on social media.

The boy, identified as Derek C. Lalchhanhima of Sairang near Aizawl, had accidentally run over a neighbour’s chick with his bicycle a couple of days ago. He rushed home asking his parents to take the chick to the hospital without realising that the fowl was dead. The boy’s father, Dhiraj Chhetri, said he told his son to take the chick to the local hospital. The boy left with ₹10, his pocket money. He offered the money to the hospital staff and begged them to treat the chick.

The hospital staff told him it was too late. Unconvinced, he went home and complained that the doctors took his photo instead of treating the fowl. “He also sought more money, probably thinking the treatment was costlier,” the boy’s father said.

On Thursday, his school awarded him a certificate of recognition for the “kind act”.


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