MLA alleges ‘caste insult’ by Youth Congress

Geetha Gopi, MLA, has lodged a complaint with the Cherpu police station alleging that Youth Congress workers had insulted her in the name of caste.

She said the Youth Congress workers sprinkled gobar water on the spot where she had staged a sit-in in front of the PWD office at Cherpu on Saturday, in protest against the delay in repairing the Cherpu- Thriprayar- Guruvayur road.

The road, dug up for laying pipes as part of the Guruvayur Amrit project, has been posing threat to motorists for long.

Car blocked

Local people on Saturday blocked the MLA’s car at Chirakkal demanding immediate steps to repair the road. Following this, the MLA sat in protest in front of the PWD office. She ended the protest after the PWD started repairing the road.

The MLA alleged that after she left, the Youth Congress workers reached the PWD office and sprinkled gobar water, saying that the protest was a political gimmick.


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