Modi’s divisive politics, neglect of farmers anti-national: Rahul

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “divisive politics”, destruction of the economy and neglect of farmers were “the most anti-national activities” in the country in recent times.

He was interacting with the media here, after addressing a meeting of United Democratic Front leaders in the region.

Mr. Gandhi said, “The most anti-national thing that you can do is to divide the country, the most anti-national thing that is done in India today is to create a situation where 27,000 youngsters are losing jobs every 24 hours and crippling our agricultural system, ensuring that thousands of our farmers are committing suicide, is anti-national behaviour, and taking ₹30,000 crore and giving it to Mr. Ambani is anti-national.”

The Congress and its allies are fighting the general election on issues such as ‘destruction’ of the economy, ‘massive unemployment’ created by the policies of Mr. Modi, and the ‘crisis’ in the farm sector.

Maoist issue

On Mr. Modi’s allegation during election rallies in Odisha and Chhattisgarh that the Congress was supporting forces such as Maoists that were breaking the country, Mr. Gandhi said the Congress had an exceptional record in fighting forces that attacked the nation.

He said the Prime Minister did not have the guts to face the press anywhere in the country because he had done things which did not allow him to stand before the media to answer questions.

“Mr. Modi should stop his excuses and give answers to questions that the nation is asking about unemployment, corruption and destruction of agriculture.”

The Congress president said Mr. Modi should answer “why a man who has never built an aircraft in his life, a man who is kept out of jail by his brother, has been given the world’s biggest defence contract”.


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