Murali’s induction a message to State

The decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to induct V. Muraleedharan into the Union Council of Ministers is being construed as a political message that the National Democratic Alliance government will not nurture a negative attitude to the State for the reversals it suffered in the Lok Sabha election.

This is imperative for the Bharatiya Janata Party that is looking forward to enhancing its clout by contesting the ensuing Assembly byelections and the local body elections due in 2020.

Though Mr. Muraleedharan is a Rajya Sabha member from Maharashtra, he is still active in the State’s political and organisational affairs.

The national leadership assigned him to take up the onerous task of building the BJP from the grassroots and he had succeeded to a great extent in managing the organisational affairs and quelling dissidence that had taken a heavy toll on its prospects.

Though his tough stance on organisational issues earned him the wrath of the State Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leadership, he enjoyed the support of the Central leadership and continued to be one of the most preferred choices to head the State unit. He was in charge of the organisational activities in Andhra Pradesh. He had succeeded in cultivating a camaraderie with the YSRCP and the current position is being seen as a reward for his efforts in strengthening the organisation.


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