Nandamuri Balakrishna worth more than ₹100 crore

Hindupur Assembly constituency TDP candidate Nandamiri Balakrishna is worth more than ₹100 crore his assets both immovable and movable are put together.

Besides the value of assets and investments of ₹100.50 crore, he has also declared liabilities of ₹14.12 crore and an annual income of ₹11.36 crore for 2017-18. His spouse Vasundhara has an income of ₹1.65 crore, he as Karta of HUF ₹10.62 lakh and his dependent son Mokshagnya Taraka Rama Teja N has an income of ₹18.51 lakh.

Ms. Vasundhara Devi has ₹75.36 crore of assets, investment against liabilities of ₹1.18 crore, Mr. Teja has ₹15.44 crore investments and deposits and the HUF has ₹5.24 crore of assets with an outstanding amount of ₹11.28 lakh.

In contrast, YSR Congress candidate here Shaik Mohammed Iqbal, a retired IGP, has no immovable properties either in his or his spouse’s name, while his movable assets are worth ₹78.61 lakh and ₹15.04 lakh of his spouse Nishat Jehan.


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