No full privatisation of TSRTC: KCR

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has categorically announced that the government is not in favour of total privatisation of the state-owned Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC).

The government was committed to ensure that the corporation turns into profit mode with its inherent strength in the interests of the people. “Total privatisation of the TSRTC is not logical. The government is trying to ensure that the employees maintain work discipline so that the TSRTC is on the path of profits,” he said.


The Chief Minister, after a more than four-hour meeting with officials on Monday, said there were 10,400 buses operational in the State at present. Half of these buses, 5,200 would forthwith be exclusively operated by the TSRTC while another 3,100, constituting close to 30 per cent of the fleet would be hired from private sector.

“The TSRTC is already operating 21% of its fleet through hired buses and there is a need to acquire another 9% to meet the requirements,” he said. These buses would function under the supervision of the TSRTC.

In respect of the remaining 2,100 buses constituting 20% of the total services, the government would permit private operators by giving them permission as stage carriages. “These operators will be mandated to operate Palle Velugu services covering the remote and rural areas,” the Chief Minister said.

He was however assertive that steps would be taken to ensure utmost parity in the fares of the services offered by the government and private parties. “The private operators will be allowed to fix their charges proportionate to those levied by the TSRTC,” he said


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