Now, Rahul Gandhi says CWC must decide his replacement

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday once again reiterated that he is no longer the party chief and the Congress Working Committee (CWC) should decide his replacement.

“The party should decide quickly on the next president without any further delay. I am nowhere in the process. I have submitted my resignation and I am no longer the president,” he told reporters as he was walked out of the Lok Sabha along with his mother and chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), Sonia Gandhi.

While Mr. Gandhi’s latest statement on leadership is a mere reiteration of his resignation, his reference to CWC can be seen as putting pressure on the party to find his replacement.


His response came when he was asked how long the state of confusion and indecisiveness over leadership in the party would prevail.

On May 25, he informed the CWC that he would step down as party chief but would continue to work for it as a “disciplined soldier.”

Though the CWC unanimously turned it down, Mr. Gandhi has been firm in his stand and called it “non-negotiable.”

On July 1, the Congress Chief Ministers made an attempt to convince him by arguing that his leadership is required ahead of the Assembly polls in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana.

But he had turned down all such pleas and asked the party to hurry up in finding his successor.

Click here to read the full text of Rahul Gandhi’s open letter on 2019 general election and resignation as Congress president.


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