Nuh woman allegedly kills her four daughters

A woman in Nuh allegedly killed her four daughters, aged two months to six years, by slitting their throats, and then then tried to slit her own throat as well​. ​She was taken to the Civil Hospital in Mandikhera​ and later referred to the medical college in Nalhar​. ​

​Police said that ​the ​woman was the prime suspect in the case, but her statement was yet to be recorded. “She is out of danger, but the doctors are yet to declare her fit for a statement,” said Punhana Deputy Superintendent of Police Vivek Chaudhary​.

Her husband ​Khurshid Ahmed, 45, ​a resident of Piproli village here​, said he ​had gone to condole deaths in a family in the village. When he returned to his single-room home around 2 a.m., he heard faint whines emanating from the room. “I peeped inside through the cracks in the door to see one of the girls lying in a pool of blood with her throat slit. I heard my wife Farmina crying in pain holding a knife and trying to slit her throat. I raised an alarm and soon neighbours gathered,” ​said Mr. Ahmed, a farmer.

People broke open the door to see the four girls lying in a pool of blood on two beds with their throats slit. ​Ms. Farmina, too, had injured herself with the knife. ​

The couple ​were married eight years ago. It was ​Ms. ​Farmina’s second marriage. She had a daughter from the first relationship, now aged around 13​ years​, who was away with Ms. Farmina’s former in-laws at the time of the incident​.

​Ms. Farmina’s family was not present at the village. ​Superintendent of Police Narendra Bijarniya said the police were investigating the matter from all angles. “The woman [Ms.Farmina] remains the prime suspect,” said Mr. Bijarniya.


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