Om Praksh is adviser to Speaker

Karnataka Legislative Assembly Speaker Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri on Tuesday appointed retired Assembly Secretary Om Prakash as his adviser. It is perhaps the first instance of such an appointment being made for a key post in the State Secretariat.

Mr. Om Prakash served as Assembly Secretary about four years ago during the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party governments.

He retired from the post four years ago. Speaking to The Hindu, he said he had assumed office and would advise Mr. Kageri in discharging his duties.

The decision of Mr. Kageri, six-time MLA representing Sirsi constituency in Uttara Kannada district, has apparently not gone down well with the staff of the State Assembly Secretariat, sources said. Though the appointment was made a few days ago, it became known only on Tuesday.


Mr. Kageri, who succeeded K.R. Ramesh Kumar, has faced criticism from the Opposition as well as the media after he banned cameramen and photographers from covering the proceedings of the House. Journalists had staged a protest opposing the decision.

Mr. Kageri, who held the Primary and Secondary Education portfolio in the previous BJP government, recently attended a Speakers’ conference abroad and seems to be implementing some new practices in the functioning of the Assembly Secretariat, said a source.


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