Palate pleaser| Food flavourist

Flavour is determined by the senses of taste and smell. It is an essential parameter of edible consumer products, especially since food flavours are affected during processing and need to be managed via additives. Food science includes chemistry, biology, physics, biochemistry, microbiology and nutrition, among others.

A sensory experience The job requires knowledge of flavouring components, the mixing of ingredients to create artificial and natural flavours, aromatic chemicals and how to experiment and validate results, says Sawinder Kaur, assistant professor and coordinator, department of food technology and nutrition at Lovely Professional University, Punjab. The university has a BTech programme in food technology and an MSc programme in food science and technology.

Skills and jobs Those looking for jobs in this field should have an interest in new tastes and smells and should be creative and willing to experiment, as well as have a technical understanding of flavours. Though food flavourist’ is a relatively new career in India, it has great scope, with food processing units, tea, coffee, wine and beverage industries setting up their own research and development departments focusing on creating new flavours for snacks, ice creams, beverages and more.

Remuneration `1.2 lakh to `3.6 lakh per annum


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