Parameshwara’s PA found dead

Former Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwara’s personal assistant Ramesh allegedly ended his life at Jnanabharati campus in Bengaluru on Saturday.

Income Tax department officials had raided his house two days ago in connection with ongoing going raids on Mr. Parameshwara’s premises since Thursday.

According to the police, Ramesh, on Saturday, went out of his house in a car and was later found dead at the university campus. The police found a suicide note in the abandoned car.


The incident came to light in the morning when Ramesh called his friend stating that he was disturbed by the I-T raid and would end his life if he was summoned again for questioning, the police added.

When Ramesh’s phone was later found switched off, the family members alerted police who traced the location of the phone and recovered his body.




Ramesh, in the note found, stated that he was distrubed by the I-T raids and that’s the reason behind his extreme step, the police said.

Mr. Parameshwara, who visited the spot, told the media: “Ramesh has been working with me since 2010 and he is like friend more than a staff. He was with me when the I-T officials came to meet me at in Koratagere on October 9. The officials brought us to Bengaluru and took him home for questioning. He was disturbed last night was at office before heading home.”

(Those in distress can contact the Arogyavani helpline 104)


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