Problem for II PU lecturers in attending election training

Second PU lecturers, who are busy in evaluation of answer scripts, have to attend a training session meant for election personnel in the middle of their evaluation schedule.

As per the schedule of the Election Commission of India, second PU lecturers are among the personnel who have been asked to attend training on March 31 and April 9 in their respective districts.

As many as 16,000 among them are involved in evaluation work in Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Kalaburagi, Mysuru, and Shivamogga. The evaluation commenced on March 23 and will be over by April 7. Of the 16,000 lecturers, nearly 14,000 are on election duty.

Explaining the difficulty, a lecturer from an aided college in Mangaluru said its hard for them to leave the evaluation and attend the training on March 31. “We are all focused on finishing evaluation as per schedule prescribed by the department. Calling us for training on March 31 affects the flow of our work,” he said.

Another lecturer said it was particularly hard for lecturers hailing for other districts. “It’s physically taxing for those hailing from Mangaluru, who are on evaluation duty in Bengaluru, to return for a day and go back again to resume evaluation.” Attending training on March 31 adds to the burden of the evaluator who is bound to complete evaluation of a certain number of answer sheets every day.

Additional time

P.C. Jaffer, Director of the Department of Pre University Education, said outstation lecturers would be given an additional day to complete II PU evaluation. “For those attending training at the place of evaluation centres, arrangements have been made to start evaluation early and allow them to go for training in the afternoon,” he told The Hindu. Mr. Jaffer added that this was not the first time that evaluation work had clashed with election duty.


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