Process for trial run of Kaleshwaram pump house begins

As part of the State Government plans to take Godavari river water at least till Mid Manair reservoir during the next flood season by operating pump houses at Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla barrages and also in Packages 6 and 8, the engineers of Kaleshwaram project let water into the twin tunnels of Package 6 on Wednesday.

The water let into the twin tunnel from the regulator in the foreshore of Yellampally reservoir through 1.2 km long approach channel would travel for 9.34 km in the twin tunnels before reaching the surge pool at the Package 6 pump house for taking up wet run of four out of the seven pumps ready for testing. According to the project engineers, the trial run of the pumps is expected to take place on April 23 or 24 once the surge pool is filled.

The surge pool at the Package 6 pump house would be filled gradually by checking for leakages, if any, constantly. Initially, the surge pool would be filled for 10% of its capacity and after observing for leakages, the level would be increased gradually till it is filled completely over the next three to four days.

Each pump with 126 MW capacity would be run for 20 to 30 minutes and stopped. Their trial run of four pumps would be taken up one by one and their discharge capacity is 3,200 cusecs each. The engineers stated that four pumps are ready for wet run and the remaining three would be trial-run ready by the end of May.

The water pumped from the Package 6 pump house would reach Nandi Medaram reservoir with a storage capacity of 0.75 tmc ft. Water from the reservoir would take up onward journey to the Package 8 pump house, when it would reach the wet run stage. The engineers stated Yellampally reservoir has about 8.6 tmc ft water stored in it now and the Package 6 pump house trial run process would require 0.2 tmc ft.

Engineer-in-Chief of Kaleshwaram project N. Venkateshwarlu, OSD (Irrigation) in the Chief Minister’s Office Sridhar Rao Deshpande, Advisor to Government (Lift Irrigation) K. Penta Reddy, Superintending Engineer Sudhakar Reddy, Executive Engineer N. Sridhar, OSD (Land Acquisition) Manohar and others were present at the release of Yellampally water into twin tunnels through approach channel to Package 6 pump house.


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