Property registration put on hold till Tuesday

Registration of properties in the State will continue to be kept in abeyance for five more days with the Telangana High Court on Thursday extending the stay order on collection of Aadhar card and caste details for uploading details of properties on Dharani portal.

Hearing a batch of PIL and writ petitions relating to Dharani portal, a bench of Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and Justice B. Vijaysen Reddy extended the stay order till Tuesday. This would mean, registration of properties had to be put on hold till Tuesday. The government issued an order keeping registration of private properties in abeyance all over the State from September 8.

Before the government took a decision on reviving registrations, some persons moved HC challenging government’s decision compelling people to upload details of their properties on Dharani portal and seeking details of their Aadhar card and family members. The HC issued interim directions staying collection of Aadhar card and caste details relating to non-agricultural properties resulting in stalling of registration of assets in the State.

Former Advocate General and senior counsel D. Prakash Reddy, appearing for one of the petitioners, reiterated that the government’s action relating to Dharani was not backed by law. “Hence asking people to part with information of Aadhar card and caste and uploading property details onto Dharani portal is illegal,” he contended.

By stating that a citizen stands to lose rights of a property if he or she failed to furnish information about the said property, the government was indirectly threatening the citizen, the senior counsel said. This amounted to taking away the right to property of a citizen which was guaranteed under Article 300A of the Constitution, he said.

The procedures to be adopted and followed while uploading information on Dharani portal were vague, he said. “Who is the property enumerator…is there a supervisor…is there a mechanism of rectification in case of entering wrong information..,” Mr. Reddy said.

The bench said the government contended that it had introduced Dharani portal ‘in the interest of public’. “What is wrong if government simplified system of property detail entries. There are so many property disputes in Hyderabad,” the bench sought to know.

Mr. Prakash Reddy replied that ‘good intentions’ of the government should be backed by ‘good laws’. The peals were posted to Tuesday for next hearing.


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