Protests at cinema as AC fails

Moviegoers at Anand Cine Complex had erupted into a protest after the air-conditioning had malfunctioned at Screen-2. The people were there to catch the matinee show of Maharshi. The police intervened and defused the situation.

Many people complained that the AC was shut off 30 minutes into the film and that they had to watch the rest of the movie drenched in sweat. The city had registered 40° Celsius on Saturday.

“It was like sitting in an oven,” said a moviegoer, adding that a few children in the theatre had puked, which made the situation worse. The audience then refused to leave the theatre unless their money is returned, which caused the next shows to be delayed by over three hours. The people had paid ₹100 for executive, ₹150 for gold and ₹250 for platinum seats.

Both the air-conditioning systems in Screen-2 had failed while the film was screening. Two Town circle inspector V. Yugandhar said that the audience left after a brief protest and that no case has been registered.


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