Rave party case takes political turn

The rave party busted at Rushikonda by the city police is now taking a political turn with a few politicians alleging involvement of influential people, including children of a couple of politicians from the ruling party.

BJP MLA from Visakhapatnam North P. Vishnu Kumar Raju demanded that police probe into the lease of the resort. He alleged political patronage for getting the lease.

YSRCP State Spokesperson Koyya Prasad Reddy said that several politicians in Visakhapatnam are behind the drug scandal. He alleged involvement of two leaders from the ruling party and a few MLAs in the case. Mr. Prasad Reddy also said that the lease of the land was given to Viswanath Beach Front Limited, which belongs to a leader from the ruling party.

“A local leader has facilitated the laying of a road to the resort area by spending about ₹2 crore at Rushikonda where parties are happening,” he said.

The YSRPC leader also alleged that CM Naidu has not expressed concern over the incident, though it has been four days since the incident.


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