Rise in sunburn cases

As the mercury keeps soaring, around 48 cases of sunburn have been reported from different parts of the district in the last 10 days.

While eight persons sought medical assistance on Tuesday, 19 cases were reported on Wednesday till 4.30 p.m., which is the highest in recent times.

Migrant labourers, party workers engaged in election campaign, farmers, two-wheeler riders and pedestrians are among those who have suffered burns and blisters of severe nature in the last couple of days.

The District Disaster Management Authority has issued an alert along with all guidelines to follow for the public in view of the extreme temperatures.

Surge in cases

“Till last year there has been only stray incidents but now there is a sudden surge in the number of cases. Till Tuesday the maximum number of cases has been reported from Punalur, Chadayamangalam and Kulathupuzha, but the 19 cases reported on Wednesday are scattered across the district. The Health Department has briefed all medical facilities in the district and the treatment protocol has been shared. We are fully equipped to face the situation,” said Deputy District Medical Officer R. Sandhya.

The District Collector has directed all anganwadis to reschedule their timing so that children will not be exposed to heat.

Students, school authorities and parents have been instructed to stay cautious since exams are going on. Schools and other institutions taking children out for outings and excursions have been asked to make sure that they stay indoors during the 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. window.

Authorities say despite repeated warnings from their part, headload workers, migrant labourers and quarry workers have been spotted working in open sites exposed to sun.

On Tuesday two migrant labourers were seen working on the walkway along the Thevally bridge after 12 noon and the incident was reported to the authorities by local people.

“The district administration has directed all employers and contractors to give their workers a break from 12 noon to 3 p.m and stringent steps will be taken against violations. They have been asked to change working hours in such a way that the workers are least exposed to sun. Those distributing food on two-wheelers during peak hours should also be provided all facilities and their safety should be ensured,” said an official.


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