Road accident deaths eight times more than murders in State

The State had witnessed an increase of 19.3 % in the number of crimes registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in the year 2017 compared with the previous year, the latest report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reveals. The State stood at the eighth place in IPC cases in the country with 253.9 as the rate of cognizable crime against the national rate of 237.7.

In the year 2017, 1,48,153 cases, including 1,32,336 under IPC and 15,666 under Special Acts and Local Laws (SLL) were registered by the State police and a total of 1,50,329 persons turned victims.

State’s share

The total crimes registered in the State amount to 4.3% of the country’s total crimes. On the whole there was an increase of 13% crime cases in 2017 under IPC and SLL.

As many as 8,708 persons were killed in 7,950 road accidents caused due to negligence and 1,124 persons were murdered in the State. The State continues to be one of those that lose a major number of persons to road accidents. Over 17,000 people were hurt in attacks with dangerous weapons. While six persons were killed in rail accidents, five were killed due to medical negligence and 260 were killed due to various other cases of negligence.

Assault on women

In murder cases, many victims were killed due to illicit relationships in 179 cases and second to it are cases of murders due to family disputes. Over 780 persons committed suicide due to abetment.

As many as 5,224 women became victims of various types of assault by men throughout the year in 5,129 cases. About 1,100 cases of sexual harassment were registered in which 65 of them took place in shelter homes for women and children, 483 cases are of assault to disrobe women, 93 cases are of voyeurism and 750 cases of stalking. As many as 152 women were killed for dowry.

In all, 1,099 persons including children were kidnapped and 248 women were kidnapped on the pretext of marriage.

As many as 988 cases of rape and 175 cases of attempt to rape were registered. Regarding offences related to property, 13,303 theft cases including 4,769 related to vehicle lifting were registered. The number of violent crimes also increased from 7,464 in 2016 to 8,288 in 2017.


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