Seal of security| Ethical hacking

Ethical hackers use the same tools that malicious hackers do, but are usually tasked with strengthening cyber security. To stay secure, the most basic strategy is to think like a hackeran ethical hacker does just that. With the growth of the Internet of Things, most of our critical infrastructure is connected and accessed through cyber space, where it is vulnerable to hackers. Currently, there is a shortage of ethical hackers in our country, says Ranjith Ravindranathan Nair, assistant professor, department of electronics and communication engineering at the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Pune.


Ethical hackers are trained to find vulnerabilities in computer networks through which attacks could be launched. Aside from cybersecurity, the course at IIIT, Pune, also teaches students ethical values, with applicants being screened for criminal backgrounds or malicious activity before admission. Training labs are also isolated from outside networks to minimise the chance of abuse.


Ethical hackers are needed by IT firms, banks, financial service providers as well as by defence organisations, military and law enforcement, digital forensic labs and investigating agencies.

Remuneration `12 lakh per annum


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