Seeds vending machines installed in Kannur

Three seed vending machines have been installed here as part of the district panchayat’s ‘Vithu Pathayam’ scheme for providing quality seeds to farmers.

District Collector Mir Mohammed Ali inaugurated the launch of the vending machines here on Thursday. The buyer can put ₹10 in the machine and press a code number to get a packet of seeds. The district panchayat has launched the seeds vending machine for the first time. At present one machine each has been installed near the district panchayat office, Government District Hospital and the Government Veterinary Hospital. The scheme has been implemented at an estimated cost of ₹8.4 lakh. The quality high-yield seeds in packets are being supplied from the District Agricultural Farm at Karimbam here. As many as 16 seeds are available in the vending machine including amaranth leaves, pumpkin and beans. The machine has the capacity to store 40 types of seeds.


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