Solar electric tractor grabs attention

A solar electric tractor that can weed, dig and plough: this model developed by Akshaya Shastri and Amal Das from John F. Kennedy Memorial Vocational Higher Secondary School, Ayanivelikulangara, grabbed much attention at the Kollam revenue school science fair that started here on Thursday.

The tractor, which can be charged using solar power, will function for eight hours at a stretch. The students who developed the model say it is an ideal solution for increasing levels of pollution and for farmers who cannot afford petrol and diesel.

It took the students one-and-a-half months to develop the tractor and they say the machine does not cost much and the farmers can buy it without burning a hole in their pockets.

Yadu Krishna and Arjun Krishna, students from Government Model HSS, have displayed a model carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) plant that captures carbon dioxide from the air and converting it into different byproducts. By converting carbon dioxide into other forms of energy and glass it is possible to bring down global warming, they say.

Gas leakage app

Students of TEM VHSS have developed a mobile app that detects cooking gas leakage and alerts the owner. Jancy James and Afra Tajuddin say a sensor will communicate the message whenever it detects any gas leakage, helping to avert an explosion.

An intelligent irrigation system, the device developed by Arjun and Abhijith from AEPMS HS, Irumpanagadu, pumps water to plants after monitoring the level of moisture. If the moisture level goes down the system will pump water without any particular command and according to the students it will curb water wastage and by using more powerful sensors a wide area can be irrigated.

Safe dam, a model showcased by Pooja Prasad and Parvathy Suresh from APPM VHSS, Avaneeswaram, issues warnings associated with dam safety. The students say the system will detect minutest leakage and intimate the control room along with alerting the public about water level in different situations.


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