Srisailam crest gates opened again

With the heavy flood reaching it from Jurala and Tungabhadra reservoirs in the upper reaches of Krishna Basin, the authorities of Srisailam reservoir lifted the crest gates of the project again on Thursday to discharge water downstream towards Nagarjunasagar.

According to Irrigation Department officials, three gates were lifted for about 10 feet height each around 4.30 a.m. on Thursday to discharge over 84,000 cusecs flood, and by 2 p.m., the number of gates lifted reached six for 10 feet height each to increase the discharge to nearly 1.68 lakh cusecs. In addition, another 70,000 cusecs was also being let into the river course after power generation in the Right and Left Bank power houses operated by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, respectively.

The irrigation officials quoting the Central Water Commission (CWC) stated that the flood to all reservoirs in the upper reaches of Krishna and its tributaries Bhima, Tungabhadra and others, to which the inflows are — on the rise since Wednesday. At 6 p.m. on Thursday, the discharge of flood from Narayanpur was stated to be over 1.68 lakh cusecs through 17 of its crest gates. Similarly, the discharge of flood at Almatti towards Narayanpur was 1.33 lakh cusecs in the evening.

“Due to widespread heavy rain for the last 72 hours in most of the catchment areas of Krishna, Bhima and Lower Tungabhadra sub-basins, the rivers are rising. River Bhima is rising all along its course up to Ujjani dam in Sholapur district of Maharashtra and about one-lakh cusecs of flood is being released there.

River Tungabhadra at Mantralayam is also flowing in the above normal flood situation,” a forecast bulletin of the CWC stated.

In view of the rainfall in Upper Krishna and Upper Bhima sub-basins, river Krishna and its tributaries are rising slowly in Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra and it would result in more flood to Ujjani and Jurala downstream later.

“Due to combined effect of all these rivers in spate, Srisailam dam is expected to get about 2 lakh cusecs of water by the wee hours of Friday and it is likely to go up further continue for another two-three days,” the CWC forecast said indicating more discharge of flood into sea from Prakasam Barrage.

In the Godavari Basin, the chances of Sriramsagar getting filled up this season are also increasing with the release of flood from Jayakwadi and other dams and barrages in the upper reaches of Godavari in Maharashtra. The reservoir has storage of 60.6 tmc ft against its capacity of 90.31 tmc ft at 6 p.m. on Thursday and the inflows are in the range of 46,000 cusecs with the trend of increase.


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