The I-T investigation is not related to medical seat blocking: Ashwath Narayan

While ruling out blocking of medical seat by private medical colleges in the ongoing investigation of the Income Tax department, Higher Education and Deputy Chief Minister C.N. Ashwath Narayan on Friday said the investigation would throw more light on the use of black money for admission to MBBS course.

Talking to reporters soon after his arrival at Mangaluru International Airport, Mr. Narayan said the recent searches by Income Tax department on some educational institutions was related to source of funds for acquisition of assets by private college managements. “The IT investigation is about the disproportionate income, undeclared income and use of ‘black’ money. It is not about seat blocking,” he claimed.

The consensual agreement between the State Government and managements of private medical colleges has provision to allow the latter to admit students for the unfilled government quota seats.

“On the face of it, (the investigation by the Income Tax department) does not show misuse of this provision. Anyhow, the ongoing investigation will throw more light on use of ‘black’ and ‘white’ money for admission,” he said and added that further action will be taken after seeing the outcome of the investigation that is slated to end shortly.


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