TRS continues its winning streak

Thanks to the hectic lobbying conducted by TRS leaders to woo other party contestants to withdraw from contest, the TRS candidates continued to be elected unanimously in Rajanna-Sircilla, Husnabad and Korutla municipalities on Tuesday.

In Rajanna-Sircilla district which is represented by Minister for Municipal Administration K Taraka Rama Rao, three more candidates won unopposed following the withdrawal of other parties’ candidates from the poll fray. On Monday, Darla Keertha was elected unopposed from 34th ward. On Tuesday, Annaram Srinivas was elected from 19th ward, Kaluri Raju from 36th ward and Darnam Aruna from 5th ward.

In Husnabad municipality also, two TRS candidates were elected unanimously following the withdrawal of nominations by other contenders. Bolli Kalpana from 13th ward asnd Akula Rajitha from 15th ward were elected unanimously.

In Korutla municipality, Lavanya from 26th ward and Padma from 29th ward were elected unopposed. On Monday, Umadevi was elected unanimously from 23rd ward. With this, a total of three TRS candidates were elected unopposed in Korutla municipality.


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