Two Maoists and four armed militia surrender before police

Two hardcore Maoists, including one who played a key role in planting three IEDs (improvised explosive device) during the election phase in Visakha Agency, and four armed militia members surrendered before Superintendent of Police Attada Babujee here on Monday.

The two Maoists were identified as Golluri Birusu (24) alias Mahesh of Kotipalli villlage of Malkangiri district, Odisha, and Golluri Ramayya (25) alias Rahul of Nanubaru village in Pedabayalu mandal of Visakhapatnam district. Both of them were from Pedabayalu dalam.

According to the SP, the Rahul was part of the team that laid three IEDs at Cheekupanasa village during the recent general and Assembly elections. The explosives were detected by the police team before they could be detonated by the Maoists.

Rahul was also involved in the murders of Ramayya and Pangi Sivayya at Busuput in 2015 and 2016 and in the killing of Surya and Kishor at Maddigaruvu in 2017. He was also involved in famine raids.

Mahesh was involved in the killing of Pangi Sivayya and was involved in three exchanges of fire at Munchingput, Chitrakonda and GV Veedhi. He was also involved in arson and holding praja courts.

Both of them joined as militia members in 2008 and were promoted as dalam members in 2016. After receiving armed training they were allowed to handle 12 bores guns and .303 Lee Enfield rifles.

The armed militia members who surrendered include Korra Sathibabu (37) of G. Madugula, Golluri Satyanarayana (19), Korra Ganapathi (40) and Korra Pethro (19), all from Pedabayalu mandal. All of them were under the Pedabayalu dalam.

The militia members were basically engaged to provide food to the Maoists, attending and mobilising people for Maoist meetings, performing sentry duties, assisting the Maoist cadres in planting landmines and pasting Maoist posters.

According Mr. Babujee, all of them were forced to joined the movement by the Maoists and now they have surrendered, as they were disillusioned by the movement and ideology.


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