Two students ‘end life’ after losing money in cricket betting

Two students – Urra Suresh (21) and his cousin U. Komaraiah (22) – reportedly committed suicide after they lost money in cricket betting.

They wagered about ₹1.10 lakh on the recently concluded IPL cricket. They could pay only ₹30,000 but the bookies allegedly mounted pressure for the remaining amount.

The students from Peddakurapadu and Budigajangala Colony had been pursuing different courses in Guntur district.

Recently, Suresh and Komaraiah reportedly consumed pesticide near the Bellamkonda railway tracks and took selfie videos stating that unable to bear pressure from the bookies they resorted to the step.

Suresh died on the spot while Komaraiah died while undergoing treatment on Saturday. The police registered a case and took the alleged bookies, Tirupati Rao and Baji, into custody.

Police are searching for the other bookies and punters in the case.


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