Violence erupts during BJP’s protest rally in Kolkata

Violence erupted in Kolkata’s Central Avenue area on Wednesday during a protest rally organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) youth wing on the issue of the power tariffs in Kolkata.

Hundreds of BJP workers marched towards the headquarters of Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation, the company which distributes power to Kolkata and adjoining areas. The BJP’s leadership was demanding a reduction in the existing power tariff in West Bengal.

Police used water cannons and tear gas shells to disperse protesters. Some BJP supporters were injured in the violence and a number of BJP supporters were taken into police custody.

Raju Banerjee and Sayantan Basu, the two general secretaries of the State BJP unit who were leading the rally, said that there was unprovoked use of force on the supporters. Both of them were detained by the police along with other supporters. Tension prevailed in the Central Avenue area as police tried to apprehended the protesters.


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