Vishalakshi Nataraj is new ZP president

Vishalakshi Nataraj from Bagur Zilla Panchayat constituency was elected unopposed as new president of the Chitradurga Zilla Panchayat in the elections here on Saturday. The elections were held following the resignation of Soubhagya Basavarajan owing to a no-confidence motion passed by a majority of the members of zilla panchayat against her.

Soubhagya Basavarajan served as president of the zilla panchayat for a period of 23 months and the new president would serve for the remaining period.

As soon as the election process started in the morning, Chandrika from Jajur Zilla Panchayat constituency, Soubhagya from Doddsiddanavanhalli constituency, Rajeshwari of Aimangala constituency and Ms. Vishalakshi Nataraj from Bagur constituency submitted their nomination papers.

After scrutiny of nomination papers, Regional Commissioner Shivayogi Kalasad announced that all the four nomination papers were clear and gave 10 minutes time for the candidates to withdraw their nomination papers.

After a brief discussion, Ms. Chandrika, Ms. Rajeshwari and Ms. Soubhagya withdrew their nomination papers and Ms. Vishalakshi Nataraj was elected as president of the zilla panchayat unopposed.

There are a total of 22 members from the Congress in the zilla panchayat, 10 from BJP, two from the Janata Dal(S) and two are Independent candidates. The new panchayat president’s term would end on March 23, 2021.


Earlier, ample security arrangements had been made to ensure that no untoward incident took place during the elections.

Deputy Commissioner Vinoth Priya, Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Sathyabama, Additional Deputy Commissioner Sangappa and Planning Officer Sashidhar were present.


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