WASH programme helps prevent spread of diseases, say experts

Experts from the American Leprosy Mission and LEPRA Society on Monday said that self-help groups would be able to play a vital role in ensuring cleanliness in villages. They felt that many diseases were spreading due to ignorance on the importance of ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ (WASH).

Both organisations conducted an awareness programme in Vizianagaram. American Leprosy Mission vice-president Darren and regional director of the organisation Sunil Anand said sustainable, women-led WASH initiatives were being implemented effectively in Mentada village of the district.

LEPRA Society chief executive officer Ashim Chowla and its State coordinator Mamidi Radhika said maintaining proper cleanliness, usage of toilets and learning the importance of WASH would help prevent spread of many diseases in villages. They said there was a remarkable change in Mentada village with the effective implementation of awareness programmes with the support of self-help groups.


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