Watch | Koodathayi serial murders: Jolly Joseph confessed to plotting and killing six family members

The arrest of Jolly Shaju and two others in connection with suspected serial murders has left Koodathayi, a village located about 30 kilometres from Kozhikode city, in shock.

Kerala Police Crime Branch has arrested three for killing 6 of a family using cyanide. The killings took place between 2002 and 2016. The victims were Tom Thomas, 66, his wife Annamma, 57, son Roy Thomas, 40, Annamma’s brother Mathew Manchadiyil, 68, Sily Shaju, 41 and her two-year-old daughter Alphine Shaju. All the six deaths were passed off as being due to cardiac arrests.

Jolly Shaju’s motive was revealed when the investigating squad checked the property transactions and financial deals done by her in partnership with her new husband.

The police have now requested the Court for Jolly Shaju’s custody.


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