Watch | The cracker-free TN village

Kollukudipatti, which houses the Vettankudi bird sanctuary, has been attracting hundreds of winter migratory birds and indigenous endangered species for several decades.

Since the early 1960s, birds have been visiting the sanctuary for nesting and breeding. The sanctuary, spread across 38.4 acres, has lots of  water and has attracted more than half a dozen bird species.

The visitors, mostly from Europe and North Asia, include grey herons, darters, spoonbills, white ibis, black ibis, openbill stork and night herons.

Residents of Vettankudi, Kollukudipatti, Krishnapuram and Iyyapatti villages have desisted from bursting crackers during festivals, weddings and funeral processions. Even Deepavali is celebrated noiseless in Kollukudipatti village.


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