Water level falls in Idukki reservoir

With the increased power generation, the water level in the Idukki reservoir continued to be on a downtrend, reaching 2,334.56 ft from the mean sea level on Friday.

The electricity generation also reached the second highest level of 12.49 million unit (MU) recorded this year, on Friday. However, the water level was better than the one recorded on the same day last year, which was 2,331.12 ft.

An official of the Dam Monitoring and Research Station at Vazhathope told The Hindu that the summer rain had made no impact on the reservoir and the drop in the water level increased to 0.5 ft per day. The highest level of power generation this year was recorded on April 28, reaching 12.95 MU.

The power generation in the dam has been increased to meet the demand during the peak summer season. With the power generation calendar set to start from May, the reservoir is being prepared to hold maximum storage in the south-west monsoon season.

As per the official estimate, the water level was 2,332.22 ft and 2, 335.58 ft respectively on Thursday and Wednesday. The power generation levels respectively were 6.54 MU and 10.32 MU. The power generation at the Moolamattom Power House is decided by the demand and availability of power from outside sources.

The depletion of water was not only influenced by the power generation, but also by the level of evaporation. The rise in the temperature has an impact on the evaporation level. With the expectation of a timely south-west monsoon, the authorities were planning to generate maximum power, while meeting the demands until the start of the monsoon.

The lowest water level ever recorded in the history of the reservoir was 2,280.59 ft on June 12, 1983.


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