Water level in rivers, stream goes up in Belagavi district

Water level in the Malaprabha and the Markandeya and the Ballari Nala stream kept rising due to due to heavy rain in Belagavi and surrounding areas, including Khanapur, on Saturday and Sunday.

Traffic on the Belagavi-Kolhapur Road was stopped for a few hours by the police after the road near Sutagatti village came under water.

Vehicles crossing the Wantamuri Ghat were stopped for two hours as water began to flow over the road. In Sankeshwar, water entered streets and some vehicles drifted away.

Outflow in the Navilu Tirtha dam over the Malaprabha in Saundatti reached 18,000 cusecs by Sunday evening. It could go up if rain did not subside by Monday morning, officials said.

In Hidkal dam, the inflow and outflow were around 1,700 cusecs. In Dhupdal weir, the inflow was around 3,400 cusecs and outflow was around 3,200 cusecs.

An alert has been sounded in Saundatti, Ramdurg, Belagavi and Khanapur for farmers, asking them not to venture near rivers or water bodies.

Revenue officials said that mild to heavy rain was expected in some taluks in the district till Thursday. There were no reports of any casualties in the district, the officials said.

In city

Meanwhile, heavy rain in Belagavi city disrupted normal life. Police had to work hard to divert traffic away from busy junctions and streamline movement of vehicles.

School and college students had to wade through ankle deep water in inundated areas, including College Road, Club Road and Khanapur Road.

Some areas suffered power cuts as tree branches fell on power lines. HESCOM personnel spent time in the pouring rain to repair power lines and transmission boxes.

Three old houses were damaged in Alavangalli in Shahpur in the old city as mud walls collapsed.

A resident, Mohammad Sadiq Ujgaonkar, said that two houses of his family members were damaged. Another resident, Vithal Gunjatkar, said that his house was damaged.


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