Water scarcity may spark exodus

Over 250 families in Gollalakuppam, located close to the Tiruvallur-Andhra Pradesh border, are on the verge of vacating the hamlet due to the lack of water supply. They have been demanding a check dam in the locality to prevent rainwater from flowing to Nagari in Andhra Pradesh and to increase groundwater levels.

The village is surrounded by hills — Moonu Gundu, Gaikundu and Bodaparai — on the northern, western and eastern sides. Every time it rains, water from the hills gushes through a 300-acre space between the three hills and flows like a river close to the village.

“But it flows to Nagari and is completely wasted. As water does not accumulate here, the groundwater got depleted. We do not get water even at 500 ft. Our wells are dry and crops have failed. We are planing to vacate the village and go to the neighbouring cities,” said J. Nagaraja.

In the mid-80s, the villagers tried to build a check dam here, but water went above it. “If water is conserved using a check dam, neighbouring villages like Kesarajakuppam, T.T. Kandigai and Puniyam will also benefit,” added K. S Sambasivam, another villager.

In 2003, a few officials from the Public Works Department inspected the site to construct a check dam, but residents claim there has been no developments after this.

“The verdant surrounding can make our village an ideal tourist spot. We have made several representations to the government, but nothing has happened till date,” said V. Devan, another resident.

Meanwhile, PWD officials said the area falls under the Forest Department. Officials from the Forest Department said some structures were proposed in the area under the Kosasthalaiyar Rejuvenation Plan. “We have to see what can be done in the particular village,” said an official.


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