Water sources fast going dry in Vijayapura

The blistering heat and scorching summer, which have so far been making life of the common man miserable, is now adding more woes with drinking water sources in the city fast depleting.

Bhutanal tank, which has been one of the main sources of drinking water to the city, has gone dry to a level where officials have decided not to use its water as it could be contaminated and unfit for consumption.

Though Almatti dam water is a major water source for the city, Bhutanal tank water is also used as a parallel source for supplying drinking water to several wards.

But with water level going too low to pump and filter it, officials of the water board have decided not to use the tank water.

Now, 13 of the 35 wards would get water only once a week.

While Almatti dam supplies around 60 MLD of water every day, eight MLD of water is used from the Bhutanal tank to meet the requirements of the city.

Only 11 of the 35 wards of the city have 24 x 7 drinking water connections and the remaining wards do not have this benefit as work on the 24 x 7 project has been under way for over five years now.

According to officials, a limited quantum of water is now stored in Bhutanal tank which cannot be used as a minimum level should be maintained for growth of vegetation.

The officials are eagerly waiting for rainfall which will help fill the tank quickly with fresh water.

However, they are also contemplating getting water from Almatti dam by obtaining permission of the Water Resources Ministry, if the situation worsens.

“We are appealing to people of the city to cooperate with us as we are trying to supply water within the available resources. But if we don’t get good rainfall early, then we will have no choice but to seek the permission of the government to draw water from the Almatti dam to meet the daily requirement of water of over 50,000 families of the city,” the officials said.


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