What is your city’s cleanliness quotient according to Swachh Survekshan?

Urban local bodies in Chhattisgarh are the cleanest among all States, according to Swachh Survekshan 2019 report. Due to poor citizen feedback, some Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) did not manage to get a better overall score despite good scores in other parameters.

Close to 69% of the ULBs in Chhattisgarh were ranked among the top 500 (out of a total 4,237 ULBs ranked). Jharkhand and Maharashtra are the other two States in the top three. States which secured the three lowest scores were in the Northeast. West Bengal opted not to participate in the survey.

The map below shows the weighted cleanliness scores.

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People factor

Analysis of the top 200 ULBs shows that in some, citizen feedback was a crucial factor in pushing up or dragging down total scores.

Some cities like Mysuru, Coimbatore and Amdavad lost out on a higher total score due to citizen feedback.

In the below visualisation, ULBs marked in blue have a population of below 1 lakh, while those marked in have a population of over 1 lakh.

Please note that it you cannot find your city in the below dropdown, it means that it has not ranked among the top 100.


Zone-wise comparison

The West zone had the highest average unweighted scores, while Northeast zone scored the lowest. For a detailed break-up of unweighted zone scores, visit


The scores used to compare States on the map were adjusted for the differential rate of urbanisation. Also, instead of actual scores, relative ranking was used to normalise the analysis metric. On the other hand, the scatter diagram above has unweighted scores of the top 200 ULBs.


The survey calculates marks for each Urban Local Body out of 5000 marks. The scoring system has four major components, each with 25% weightage.

The four components are: Service level progress (eg. solid waste management), direct observation, citizen feedback and certifications (eg. ODF ++ certified).

A total of 4,237 ULBs were score. Both the unweighted score and a weighted score were released for analysis.


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