What’s brewing| Tea management

India is one of the largest tea producers in the world and among the top five consumers of tea per capita. The demand for tea estate managers has changed drastically in recent years today, valued skills include an understanding of the nuances of a fine blend tea, how to market local brands in the global sector and experimenting with new tastes.

Matter of taste Tea estate management is a broad field. Nabanita Dey, in-charge, Birla Institute of Management & Futuristic Studies, Kolkata, says, Our one-and-a-half year diploma teaches students cultivation, manufacturing, tasting, blending, processing, and marketing. It also includes visits to plantations to see how tea leaves are plucked, cut, and polished.

Cut out for the work Graduates can work as consultants, researchers, plantation managers, tea brokers and tasters.

Remuneration `2.5 lakh to `4 lakh per annum


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