When you see roads, rails, are they being built without employment: PM Modi 

The issue is not of chaiwala or chowkidar, it is of the Congress’s arrogance; it considers the professions of chaiwala and chowkidar undignified

(Photo: Bandeep Singh)

I am confident that the BJP will win more seats than in 2014. Even our NDA allies will win more seats than in 2014. We will also increase our presence in places where it was less. 2014 was a historic mandate. 2019 will be about pro-incumbency

In Pragya’s case, the court has let her go. She is a symbol of the opposition’s lies. In the name of Hindu terrorism, they have lied over and over again

There is a realisation that the days of black money have ended, we have to do business honestly. Demonetisation has stemmed the flow of black money and this has changed the mindset of citizens

(Photo: Bandeep Singh)

There has been no successful gathbandhan. They had only one thing in common, and that is abusing Narendra Modi

Kashi is a treasure of knowledge. I am proud of its culture and values. Whenever I go abroad, I give ‘Gangajal’ to people with pride. Earlier, the road from Kashi airport was terrible, now it feels like we are in the national capital

(Photo: Bandeep Singh)

Article 370 and Article 35A have done maximum damage to Kashmir. There is no investment in J&K because investors feel they won’t get land there. The youth in Kashmir are not getting jobs. Kashmir is staring at bankruptcy

People who talk of secession have no right to be citizens of India. They have no right to fight elections

As the Gujarat chief minister, I quietly drove to the office of a police officer, who interrogated me for nine hours. That’s because I respect institutions


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