Why fear I-T if you have not sinned, PM asks coalition leaders

Breaking his silence on the Janata Dal (Secular)-Congress coalition leaders in Karnataka protesting against the Income Tax raids on their associates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hit back saying: “What is the need to fear if you have not sinned or done anything wrong?”

Addressing an election rally of the BJP at Palace Grounds, the Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on the coalition leaders, who had termed the I-T raids as politically motivated, and remarked: “Why you are protesting if you have not looted.”

Asserting that all citizens, including the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and his ministerial team should follow the law of the land, he said rules cannot be bent just because somebody was big. He taunted Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy and other coalition leaders by asking them to “come down to the ground” and shed their privileges.

Accusing the coalition leaders of intimidating the I-T staff, he told them that he had cooperated with the police when they grilled him for nine hours as part of the Special Investigation Team when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

He appealed to the people of Karnataka to help rescue their State from the alleged “looting” of the coalition government by voting for his party. “The more number of BJP MPs you elect, the more power I will get to make your government come on track,” he said.

Accusing the coalition government of ruining the State, he said it was a “small lapse” on part of the people of Karnataka that they voted the coalition government.

Trying to woo the urban middle class of Bengaluru city, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused the Congress of being an enemy of the middle class and sought to remind them that it has described them as selfish and has plans to slap more taxes on them if that party came to power at the Centre.

Unlike the Congress, BJP has tried to help the middle class by removing I-T for those earning up to ₹5 lakh a year, he said. He maintained that the government runs on honesty, but not on looting the middle class. One could ensure availability of resources through honest spending, he said.

‘JD(S)-Cong. a 20-30% commission govt.’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had kicked up a political dust during the run-up to the Assembly elections in 2018 by accusing the then Congress government in the State of being a “10%” commission government, said the JD(S)-Congress coalition government had now become “20-30%” commission government.

“I want to remind them that I’m working as a chowkidar and whoever has looted will have to return the booty. Also, whoever now dares to loot will not be spared,” he said.


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