With help from parents, school to resume work

Following concerns raised by parents, a private school in Kolapakkam, which had suspended its academic operations citing financial difficulties, decided to resume academic activities from December 7.

Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, in a mail sent on Monday to parents, said, “Due to lack of any significant inflow of money, the financial situation of the school has reached a breaking point and we are not in a position to continue with the academic operations of the school.”

A parent from the school said earlier in November, they had been asked to give marginal academic support charges to the school voluntarily, since the school was facing a continuous shortage of funds.

“We had already paid the first term fees and in November, we were informed about this voluntary donation but not about the payment of the second term fees. However, suddenly on Monday, we were taken by surprise when we received intimation about the suspension of online classes from December 1,” the parent said. Another parent said they had not received any communication from the school about the second term fees. Many parents also sent emails to the school expressing their concerns.

In a subsequent circular issued on December 2, the school clarified to the parents that they would resume activities from December 7. The school management also acknowledged the support they had received from parents over the last few days.


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