Yanadis urged to send their children to school

Assistant Superintendent of Police M. Sattibabu on Friday appealed to the Yanadi tribe members to encourage their children to get educated in government schools. He urged them to realise the importance of education to bring about a change in their lives.

Mr. Sattibabu has adopted the Yanadi tribal colony in the Narayanaraopeta colony near the railway station here after the lack of education among the tribal children and their living conditions were exposed during Operation Muskaan. The drop-out rate among the Yanadi tribal children is high and the parents encourage their children to accompany them to work.

At an awareness programme at the local government primary school, Mr. Sattibabu explained to the parents the government support that is available for the education of their children.

The teachers and the parents had also been asked to ensure that every child attended the school regularly and hygienic practices were adopted at the school and at home.

Notebooks given away

Mr. Sattibabu distributed a set of notebooks and a school bag to the 52 students of the primary school. Bandar DSP Mehaboob Basha and other officials were present.

The ASP and his team of police personnel have been monitoring the colony, particularly the education facilities and other needs of the students.


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